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Last night’s Academy Awards show isn’t getting great reviews, and neither are the Oscars commercials that cost advertisers $1.7 million each.

Most of the Oscars commercials that aired were re-runs, either from the Super Bowl or from regular broadcasts. The handful that were original for the Oscars weren’t didn’t seem all that exciting or creative, especially coming on the heels of the Super Bowl and Grammys commercials.

As expected, awards show sponsors Hyundai and JC Penney dominated the Oscars commercial breaks, with a combined 16 ads. Hyundai’s Oscar commercials focused on performance and the perks that come with its luxury autos, while JC Penney introduced its new “jcp” logo and showcased new fashion lines.

The Hyundai commercials – some with voice-over by Jason Bateman instead of Oscar-nominee Jeff Bridges in keeping with Academy rules – were staid and typical. For the most part, JC Penney failed to impress with a series of fast-paced Oscars commercials featuring the usual thin, pouty models and flouncing hair.

One stand-out Oscars commercial worth mentioning came from American Express OPEN.

The commercial features a series of scenes from small businesses around the country, while a narrator – sounding very much like Scott Glenn – extols the virtues of those who take chances and chase dreams, not dollars.

“If you want to root for a real hero, support small business,” he says, at the end. scored some points with its two Oscars commercials, both focusing on the deals to be had from using the site. The commercials each featured a couple rapidly transitioning from one great deal to the next during a night out and on vacation, respectively.

In the AT&T Oscars commercial, two friends are riding a ski lift when one asks the other if he can go out with this ex-girlfriend. Sure, the guy says, not expecting his friend to pull out his smartphone and message the girl right then. When she replies a little over-enthusiastically, the ex-boyfriend snatches the phone and chucks it across the mountain.