2011 Oscars Watch: What Did You Think of the Commercials?

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While the Oscars may not have “the Super Bowl for women” that some thought in terms of the caliber of the ads, there were some new campaigns — but also a lot of repetition and reprisals of Super Bowl spots.

What did you think of the commercials, if you caught them during the telecast on ABC? To jog your memory:

Official auto sponsor Hyundai plugged the Elantra, among other models, with judicious use of brand “voice” Jeff Bridges — and revised spots featuring Jason Bateman’s voiceover in those sections of the program that Academy rules prohibited nominee (and then winner) Bridges’s voice to be heard.

jcpenney unveiled its rebranded logo and look with a series of spots touting its partner collections

LivingSocial debuted a pair of spots in its first major ad buy since the Super Bowl to help it create a little Groupon-style buzz (without the scandal)

Dove tapped Jennie Garth to kick off a competition, whose winner will appear during a commercial break on Dancing With The Stars

Jennifer Lopez touted Venus (and her legs), while Svedka Vodka debuted a TV ad featuring its futuristic robots and Purina’s Fancy Feast appealed to the Oscars’ (primarily) female audience

Amazon promoted the Kindle, while McDonald’s promoted Ronald McDonald House, Coca-Cola promoted its scholarship program and Diet Coke with a new “Stay Extraordinary” commercial and a recent women’s heart health spot

JP Morgan Chase ran its recent commercial, “The Way Forward,” while American Express pitched its Small Business services

ABC’s promo for Modern Family spoofed the Oscars

There were mobile commercials aplenty from AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint (above), but no Verizon

Many Super Bowl ads returned, including Best Buy’s Ozzy Osbourne/Justin Bieber spot (with alternative endings), BMW’s David Bowie “Changes” commercial (pre-show), and Adrien Brody’s “Crying Jean” commercial for Stella Artois.